Skyrocket engagement with custom QR codes and short links

Customize dynamic QR codes, short links, and microsites to engage your audience and connect them with the right information. Manage, edit, and track every click and scan with Pixel.

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Dynamic QR codes

Connect physical and digital worlds with dynamic QR codes

Attract scans with custom colors and shapes

Improve engagement on print media and packaging. Design eye-catching QR codes that match your brand using custom colors, shapes and logos.

Generate your first QR code
No credit card required
Attract scans with custom colors and shapes

Fix mistakes after going to print

Redirect your QR codes at any time. Fix typos, update stale links, or redirect to updated content without the need to reprint.

Track every scan

Learn what’s generating QR code scans, and what isn’t with metrics like unique scan count, location, and device.

Super happy with the ability to quickly and easily generate branded links and QR codes. The dashboard is clean and everything works quickly so you can get in and get er' done. Keep in the amazing work!

Benny D Digital marketer


Build digital experiences to engage, educate, sell with microsites

One place to connect with your audience

Microsites are tiny, immersive websites built for a specific purpose. Whether your goal is to help educate, engage or sell, microsites offer the perfect way enhance a marketing campaign.

Explore starter templates
Free to get started
One place to connect with your audience

Make your page pop with a fully custom design

Our drag and drop builder provides the freedom and flexibility needed to create a truly engaging mobile site your next project. No code needed.

Build your first microsite
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Make your page pop with a fully custom design

Great product, love the blend of customizable short links, QR codes, and data tracking. The team has also made some very interesting updates in the time I've been using the platform, primarily with a new Microsites feature, enabling the creation of engaging mobile-first digital experiences.

Mark Draper Reviewify

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Track every click and scan

Capture data and make smarter decisions on where to focus your time and money.

No credit card required

Features to get the most out of every link you share

Custom domains

Build trust and drive engagement with a custom, branded domain. Set up in minutes for any first- or third-party website.

Smart folders

Use smart folders to keep things organized by product, campaign and more.

Browser extension

Shorten and track links directly from your browser with our Edge and Chrome extensions.

Retargeting pixels

Build powerful advertising audiences of those who click and scan.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with team members across campaigns. Manage everything from one shared and centralized location.

Best-in-class analytics

Capture data with every click and scan, then make smarter decisions on where to focus your efforts.

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