Short links without limits

Effortlessly create and track short links for any URL, without the looming concern of downtime or click limits.

Integrates with the following platforms —

Serverless and decentralised

What makes different is the way it's built. Our serverless architecture provides:
  • Robust and reliable links with unparalleled uptime
  • Protection against network and application layer attacks
  • Low latency, no matter where your visitors are in the world
  • Unlimited links & tracked clicks
  • Deeper insights with every click

    Track which channels, countries, devices, platforms are driving the most traffic for your links. Improve engagement by optimizing the content you share and how you share it.

    Insight and analytics
    542 clicks in the past 30 minutes

    Retarget with pixels

    Serve ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and other platforms to anyone who clicks your link or scans your QR code. Embed multiple pixels in every link. Continue growing a custom audience long after your link was first shared.

    Insight and analytics

    For Amazon Sellers

    Build powerful custom audiences of engaged Amazon shoppers. Retarget these shoppers on ad platforms like Facebook for improved ad performance. Launch products, run promotions, build your private-label brand and more.

    For Youtubers

    Maintain a detailed view of your how your audience interacts with the links you share. Rich analytics data for each link provides key insight into your engagement metrics. Make better decisions when publishing content and connecting with your viewers.

    For Spotify Artists

    Reach a wider fanbase that loves your music. Build custom audiences as fans click your links, then target lookalike audiences (people sharing attributes with your existing audience) with ads to find new fans and grow your listeners.

    Insight and analytics
    Get 34% more clicks with a brand domain

    Increase clicks with brand domains

    Connect your domains with to create secure, branded links. Branded links build trust with your audience and drive clicks. Every domain or subdomain connected is assigned an SSL certificate for added security over HTTPS.

    Extend your reach with QR codes

    QR codes use the same technology as short links but can be placed anywhere. Reach your audience outside of the digital world. Update the destination anytime without need to re-print or re-share.

    Compound marketing initiative over time

    As your links continue to attract clicks, your custom retargeting audiences will become more and more detailed. Target increasingly segmented markets weeks, months and years after your link is published.

    Redirect long after posting

    If the original destination expires, or you simply want to start sending your audience somewhere else, with you can redirect all traffic at the click of a button. No need to manually update everywhere you published, or waste traffic with stale links.

    Analytics data gets richer

    As time goes on, your dashboard will be filled with a bigger and better picture of what your audience looks like, and how they interact with your links. The more data, the better.

    More than a link shortener

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